The four letter word, similarly to love, impacts us multi-dimensionally. As I say the word lack, I get a heavy hit to my chest. I don’t know whether it’s this physical space being impacted or my spirit I just know it’s a powerful force. We trust that nothing can be full so we create from this

space of lack. I feel it, I embody it, and I experience nothing short of it in today’s world where lack is the only thing that we enable to exist. Even more powerful is the surrounding belief that we could not possibly have all without someone else losing. Where did this belief come from and why does it continue to prevail. Why did we say okay to feeling less than complete when our soul was always whole.


I’m not going to battle with lack for to battle is to become, and lack is where I already exist, it’s where I’ve been drawn into combat for a long time. So now I’m going to rise above lack because then I can look back to see what this thing really is and maybe I might be able to help clear it for others. When we create from a space of lack something will always be missing in the same way that when you create from a place of love, love will always be present. We can entangle and enamor a project in lack or love in the same way we can make something that grows in positivity or grow in negativity; we can disable ourselves with one and enable ourselves with the other. We can choose how things grow simply by thinking about where we allow the creation to start. Not how or where it starts but where we start. This is a very different than what they would have us believe.

Example: The picture is drawn in a studio: that is where. The picture starts with a touch of paint hitting the canvas: that’s how. But where we begin could either be with the feeling of hopefulness or hopelessness. Finally, what is created in the end will be a reflection of where we began until we decide to make a change in ourselves.

Let me give you a look into my life, I would really like a family, in fact I look at everyone around me wanting this so much, but I also recognize they look at me wanting what I have so much. Often the troubles we find ourselves in later, come to life only because we decided to create the future based on the lack that existed in the past. I recognize how much I want a relationship but I have to ask: what do I really want? And is this coming from a place of lack or love.

Situations can find love in them. They can start with love and eventually become a place where lack dominates. I’ve been in relationships where there was love everywhere, but then once I realized I was no longer the main actor or I realized I wanted more than what existed, love was a theory and lack was the “reality”, something was always missing for some reason. The lesson I learned at the time however, was that I should choose a better suitor…  haha! When in truth, I should have learned more about where I was creating from.

The bottom line is this, lack creates more lack and love creates more love, very basic. But rather than question what is lacking in effort to seek out an answer, we can just begin to create from love and recognize completeness from its root. If you find that this piece is missing something, take a guess where I wrote it from or maybe take a guess where you understand it from.