We find ourselves on the cusp of so many things that we know the answer to. We feel powerful knowing the answer but for some reason doubt creeps in and that challenges what we know to be true. Throughout my life I’ve been successful at many things so I truly can do whatever I  feel strongest about. However, most of the time I allow my thoughts to brew the doubts that have guided my worst decisions and I give them the chance to compete with the feelings that guided my best decisions.

It appears as though my entire body is in competition. My feelings are battling my thoughts, my heart battles my brain and so I can’t come to a single conclusion about the next step to take. Indecision is riddled with a lot more than what meets the eye, for inside we feel like it’s just me, when in actuality there’s an empowerment of this feeling socially.  Socially we have placed too much weight on every single decision we make, because we worry too much about whether we’re making the “right” decision when we need to make the decision that is truest to ourselves. Now the simplest things such as “do I want a sandwich or salad?” or “should I hang with friends or be by myself?”ss become paralyzing questions. Next society throws consequence into the mix, but only in black and white terms – you have to know all the answers OKAY! So now we are affixed with a single story of outcome when we know there is so much more possibilities I couldn’t know till a decision is made. Then socially everyone raises questions of doubt and worry instead of making statements of support or understanding and all of a sudden, we’ve literally stepped out of ourselves and into a space of uncertainty because we left our truth inside. Now I’m undecided. That’s just society but there is also a part of us individually that holds hands with indecision.

Inside we have the ego, but we also have of heart. We have our higher selves, we have our spirit, we have our chakras and everything bundled into this beautiful thing called our ‘self’. We are energetic beings so we are negative and positive (nothing can exist without the two) which means we can carry the most powerful feelings on opposite ends of the spectrum. We have this natural ability to enable one or the other to be more powerful but ultimately our goal is to find balance. Indecision is actually a lack of balance from within though it might appear as middle ground. The imbalance exists when we no longer feel in control or unsafe (fear shows its head again) then we stop feeling the answer and we start thinking about it. If anyone knows a thing about the mind they know it’s powerful enough to create chaos in simplicity, so that’s the last place you want your choices to travel to. To balance it out we can take back control, remember that we are always in safety and be okay with letting our feelings guide us.

Here is indecision presented visually, picture it as you go along. We feel cornered by our options, they keep getting closer and closer, it even grows fangs and becomes scarier than it started, we absolutely have to make a choice so we say, “I choose indecision”  andinde

we go into the fetal position (the safest position a human can take with least exposure, I’ll expand on this another day). When we look up, we still see the choices and we get even more scared and tighten our fetal position forgetting that babies spread out eventually.

The internal imbalance coupled with the weight society puts on making decisions continues to disrupt our ability to come out of the fetal position and make decisions that work best for us. Again I’m saying to you to take back control, remember you’re safe always and be okay with showing YOUR truth which we find in our feelings. Consequence is not black and white and there are endless possibilities you may not have a clue about – don’t waste time going there. As long as you make your decision out of love, truth  and that genuine feeling of knowing that the universe has your back, God has your back, the spirit squad and your higher self has your back the best outcome is sure to manifest. The choice is always yours (unless divine intervention is necessary) let no one, not even your ego self, question that. Indecision is a decision so check in with yourself:  Are you in the fetal position or are you making a choice?