Growing up I was a super entertaining, carefee child, sundafundaybut as I got into my teens I realized carefree was beginning to become a luxury. While we are meant to go through various stages in our lives, we are also meant to enjoy life and that nowadays seems to come in the form of partying and occasionally travelling out of town. I started feeling down about not being able to do either and looked inside for entertainment; hello Netflix! As cool as it was to hang out with myself enjoying the shows everyone talks about and knowing I’ll be able to talk about them too, I began to feel a sense distance from the motion of the world and like I was losing the excitement that rushed through me as a child.

In the middle of hoping for more opportunities for creatively fun events I took a leap onto a wall and began to rock climb, sure this was great but I don’t see spending $26 on a weekly basis as viable in my current situation. I spent time with friends just relaxing on the balcony, but I also wanted to get my adrenaline pumping. I’d love to go bike riding, but I don’t have a bike and if I’m looking for connectivity with people I don’t think walking on my own, would be the best idea either. Thinking back to the cottage of 2014, I remember the spark of intense excitement that hit me as I was hiding under a sink in the dark – wait, what? Where is this blog going! We played Hide & Seek two years in a row at a 3-story cottage that got really dark at night, I thought to myself, we have to continue this level of fun. Sadly it seems that the older we get the more that level of fun diminishes and honestly, there isn’t actually a good reason.

Having to work, having a family and obligations that force you to remain serious, drains the life force out of us. Many times we forget the inner child is a core part of us that we must nurture and enable to come out otherwise it goes into hiding. When that happens we lose the zest for life and ultimately we physically start to diminish. Our inner child is to be nurtured as much as the rest of our mind, body and spirit, it informs how we relate to our children and how we remain present but in full satisfaction. As we tell others to live life to the fullest, we must also check in with ourselves and we can ask “Am I living life to the fullest?” or “Do I allow myself to have fun in the present moment?” Go ahead and respond. This is a simple process that allows you to stand hand in hand with your truth and embrace the child within you to say “we good?” The inner child naturally knows how to be, so let them out so YOU can BE and bring that child with you to Sunday FunDay!


This coming Sunday June 25th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm I’ll be hosting a game of ManHunt (like Hide & Seek) with my best friend Shawnna (ShawnnaMelonTV). This is to bring balance to our lives, create fun in the moment and take the laughter and jolly with you through the rest of the week. Register now for this event and you are guaranteed to have a good time. Bring a friend and repost the flyer and it’s $2 cheaper. See you Sunday!