This piece came to me several months ago as I was discovering how amazing this world truly is. My mind raced for the words to do a short write-up of what I was feeling but instead it came out as a conversation. I left this for many weeks before I came back to it, I barely remembered what I wrote, but surely enough it sparked the reminder in me that we are, as I am, as the universe is… Perfect.

Human: Why is life such a struggle?

Spirit: It doesn’t have to be, but we choose to make it that way.

Human: Look around! Everyone’s out here struggling to survive! Why would anyone possibly want to live in a world of turmoil what good can come of this!

Spirit: In the everyday, physical sense it appears to be a struggle, it even appears to be imperfect. But in many ways this is just a part of the process. Things may feel like they’ve gone astray but in the same token, we could not come full circle if it weren’t for the progressions and “regressions” that make this world move.

Human: I know what I see… There’s nothing perfect about it.

Spirit: You know what you see, but you know little of what you feel.

Human: I know the facts

Spirit: And I ask you to go beyond that.

Human: There isn’t anything beyond the facts! What else is there to look for? We exist here and now in a terrible world of chaos and struggle, it’s all right before your eyes.

Spirit: Your soul lives beyond this local, it travels, it wanders, it searches for answers and understanding, it seeks to replenish and to reconnect what was lost or what it feels is missing. It seeks its permanent and rightful place as one with source. Isn’t that what we’re all searching for?

Human: I seek security and safety…

Spirit: And who else could provide that in this world but source? Who else can provide that in spirit but source?

Human: I’m going by what I see and what exists here, I know what I know and I am well-informed about what is in front of me. Humans need security to survive, those are the facts.

Spirit: You are well-informed by misinformation, but poorly informed about your actual situation. Yes you exist here on Earth and believe it or not you actually know quite a bit, but your lack of willingness to know all, has led you to accept you can only know some, believing this is all.

The world is beyond your distorted or caged vision. If you seek knowing t

han you need to open yourself up to what exists beyond physical intelligence and seek to know all intelligence.

Human: You speak in parables

Spirit: And you speak fables, looking only to satisfy the immediate and short-lived pleasure of having a sense of security knowing little as fact, but feeling like the fact is all you need to know.

Human: I know enough, I know enough.

Spirit: And that is enough to create the false sense of knowing. The ego can be a powerful thing.