Finding your tribe has become the wellness way of saying finding people who help you be you and feel at home. We can look at this as our friends but sometimes this group is not your friends because you never really knew who you were in the first place. Prior to finding your tribe you have to examine yourself, your friends, your wants and your enjoyment and see what resonates as genuine and fulfilling. In this examination you’ll realize some people are not part of your tribe and some of the things you think you enjoyed really just gave you the peace of mind of fitting in. I have quite a large group of people I know but I cannot say I would call them my tribe. (That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them, instead it means they don’t support my authenticity and that is okay!) .My tribe is probably less than 5 people and ever changing the way I am, I’ve had different tribes at different points in my life and that is completely acceptable because we do change. My tribe accepts my change and believes in it, don’t get caught up in having one static tribe because the most important thing for you to respect is your learning spiritually, mentally and physically.

I also have a social media tribe, a group of people I connect to online that show love and receive mine. Understand the importance of creating a tribe as much online as you do in real life. You spend a lot of time online, comments can bring us down, content can bring us down, but that tribe though… you can guarantee that they will help to keep things real as you navigate the unreal world of Social Media.

Find your tribe online. Your spirit will appreciate it!