About the Website:

Connect Create Explore was made to help us all connect spiritually, create mindfully and explore whatever we desire physically.  This website started as an outlet for my thoughts and a place to show you that I’m a Wellness Coach (big deal right! lol), but as I continued to grow I realized I just wanted to help others see just how powerful we can be when we get to know ourselves before anything else.
To me wellness means nothing if it doesn’t include spirit, so this page is designed to help emphasize the importance of stepping forward with spirit, mind and then body while making spirituality less scary.
Connection is key to understanding purpose and our spirit, which gives us the ability to create from our soul using the power of our minds to then explore the physical world with our bodies.


About the lady behind the page Melissa Jody James:

I grew up with my seemingly traditionally Trini-Canadian family in Scarborough the suburbs of Toronto. We migrated to Canada when I was just under one, so I had little understanding of how rough it could have been, My parents worked hard to assume our places in the Western World finding security in very traditional jobs as a Teacher/ Hair Dresser and a Plant Manager, Engineer, consultant. Most of the people around me looked and spoke about how unhappy they were without realizing their life hasn’t gotten better despite going to school  and working hard at  job  then one day I decided this can’t be it.

There were 3 major shifts in my life that brought me into my knowing. The first was simply being in University where I learned to explore through the elective classes and how to teach myself although it leaves me wondering why I paid them all of that money… Oh well it is what it is.

The second was when my dad gave me the book “A Course in Miracles” as I read I can remember the exact day I released myself from fear and came into the arms of God. I’m forever thankful because that taught me the fundamentals of connection.

And lastly a major break up with the person I thought I’d marry which taught me how to create on my terms. Up till than I spoke in confidence how much I knew myself, but I didn’t know how to love myself.

The shifts are my basis for helping others, because through it all I still smiled and now I laugh, I enjoy looking back and I enjoy looking forward.  I found my essence for thriving by simply connecting, creating, exploring and laughing throughout the process (YES I cry too). I’m a Life Coach and Smile Promoter by day, queen karaoke singer by  night and I write.  I want this website to be your everything space as it is mine, know that I am here with you and we’ll find the answers together.