If your imagination stretches further than what’s covered in the media, where do you put the ideas that are generated? A blog of course. From a young age I had big issues with writing, most words didn’t connect the feelings I felt or the thoughts I’d think. Eventually after much rejection in the writing world aka school, I figured I should just write for myself and so I did. Hello Microsoft Word and eventually Evernote, this amazing cloud app on my Ipad (the very first one Apple came out with – I still have it) I wrote my finest pieces with at least one thousand spelling errors and the worst use of grammar.

Even though I’d be considered basic by any academic and journalistic standards, to me the message was clear and powerful, I can’t spell for shit but I certainly have a message to share with the people feeling alienated by the mainstream. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment the first time I wrote, I thought I uncovered new history, but really I just solidified my knowing before I knew what it meant to truly “know”. I sent my thoughts (that definitely wasn’t “writing”) to my friends Lauren and Shamari, then sent it out to my dad. My dad was impressed, Lauren felt it was very “true”  and Shamari said I should expand. With the feedback I did nothing but continue to write LOL.

Fast forward to 2017 the year of one, where I decide not to be scared anymore and to step into myself, being uncomfortable with exposure, but feeling powerful in my nudity. I will write  about the universe, the social ills and wills, the greatness of God, the power of knowing, and the ability of humans to be more than the limits of our language, I just hope you won’t be afraid to venture into these topics as well in the comment section 🙂 The time to share is now; how dangerous of me, but also how lucrative.  Within the create.blog side of this website you’ll see full exposure of my thoughts and my heart in other words one third of what makes up my life’s bottom line.

I promise I’ll try to keep it short or at least sweet.