4 Part audio Series

Of course you have what it takes to start attracting the right relationships and meet the perfect partner, but are you showing up to be seen by them?
Are you showing that you have what it takes to meet the right person?

This four part Audio Series brings the focus back to YOU! You are the only one who can determine the types of people you meet. You have everything in you to be perfect all by yourself, but you want and deserve partnership with someone who fits perfectly into your life and you into theirs and that’s okay!
Whether you want to be married or not, whether you want to date or simply make friends, attracting the right relationships is about getting to know yourself beyond the role you play each day. This is about going within to transform the relationships you attract and the relationships you are in!

Orders placed before December 31st 2017  will receive a complimentary  bonus call with me! Where we can dig even deeper!

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What you can expect…

Learn how to be your best and show you’re the best every day!
Discover what makes the best relationships!
Begin to know yourself as worthy and deserving!
Learn how to make meaningful connections with amazing people!
Learn how to remove negativity and opportunists from your life!

You will begin to attract the right people when you follow the program, you will drop the dead weights you’ve been carrying, and you will see clearly that you are already perfect!

Most importantly you will attract the right relationships and the right people

My Relationship Story
I grew up with both my parents in my life, I was too young to remember  if they ever appeared to be in love. I experienced their ups and downs, their separation and their coming together but most of my best experiences of marriage came from my friend’s families and TV. Eventually, after absorbing my parent’s relationship energy, I recreated the chase the boy  dynamic with my first love, sadly most of my friends were following this same way of dating too, and it always failed to secure any fairy tail ending. I never felt like I could really be myself except with his siblings, and I never felt like I was good enough to meet his needs. That eventually ended.

I met him at 22, wiser  than I was before, less Naive and with a better understanding of my needs. I always felt comfortable to be me, but even with all the fun we were having, I was still planning the future on my own terms, while he was living in the moment. I was growing into a new person, because my understanding was changing. I learned that it was okay for me to want something different for myself, but I was also really heartbroken that it did not work out.

While I became single the world around me was changing, long terms turned to wedding bells and new families emerged. I rushed to date so I could get into a relationship and get married too, I’m almost 30 I think I should have children by now but there wasn’t a single decent man who would fulfill all my needs. I happened to attend a healing circle and I spoke to my present day spiritual mentor and she asked if I could love myself the way I loved my ex and she told me what I want for him is really what I need to resolve for myself.

At that point  I stepped back from the scene, stepping off of Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, Bumble and stop hunting altogether. It was time to focus on me for REAL! I continued to work on my dream and I really began to work on me, I allowed myself to be free in my thinking and free in behaviour, follow my heart and eventually I fell in love.

Looking in the mirror I saw the best partner in front of me and now I’ve met so many amazing people who I would have no problem seeing where it goes. Everything and anything is possible, there is no shortage of phenomenal people who would make a great partner, this program is designed specifically so you can see that for yourself!

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