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I’m watching my friends age. — March 12, 2019

I’m watching my friends age.

And they appear to be doing all the right things, yet they barely have life or freedom. They are bound by previous desires, ones we fulfilled without our actual consent, but by doing they believe consent was given. We filled the shoes they left us, discovered most of them were too small. We cramped our feet inside these small spaces and hunched over because the rooms we entered couldn’t hold us. We squeezed ourselves in between the old and the old, they thought we’d bring hope but we just did what we were told. Decades we evolved into your worries, we embodied them as anxiety, imagining one single future, our homes were just for society. We only had great possessions because we consumed everything that was hot, we stayed attached to these little rooms stood by as each of us got GOT.

I’m watching my friends age as they plan their next vacation, they think it will lead them to inner peace. They stress about their now, worried about their tomorrow. They don’t have any real aspirations except to work and buy a house, take their 2 weeks of vacation to go somewhere cool and take pics for the gram. They like it until they come back, they reflect on memories of what they wish could be. They go gray because they are stressed and never because they are wise. My parents told me before be free and travel, you’re young and you have time. Imagine I actually did that where would I actually be. Would I still feel the realness of freedom, or would I have a harder time with nationwide slavery.

I’m watching my friends age because they can’t say this out loud even if its how we really feel, people would be pissed that we’re not proud to live in this secure place. How dare we not be thankful for the opportunities before us, How dare we not work harder if we’re so unhappy. How taxing it is, to be taxed on how we really feel. But now I look crazy because I speak up about what we both can see.

Yo I’m tired all the time because I know I’m aging. My friends are hella old too, because they’re aging. Now all we want to do is take one amazing vacation, because we’re all so tired of living in the trap. A debt filled nation.

When you read this you can assume I’m ungrateful but I’m not. Has it ever crossed your mind that this isn’t just my thoughts? I speak to a lot of people and no one can put their finger on it, with all the dreams of our parents fulfilled we still haven’t found peace. Imagine wondering everyday where I went wrong and feeling guilt because you don’t want to blame your parents or your guardians for following their direction. I have to fight myself to be sane because I think our system is completely insane. I have one friend who really broke free and to me thats an entire shame, because the rest of us think we really got it and they never left their cage.

I’m still watching my friends age, and I’m doing the same.

We are Perfect. Here’s why. — July 20, 2017

We are Perfect. Here’s why.

There are three levels of thinking when it comes to the concept of perfection. But before that I need to get through the fact that society has a very different understanding of what it means than the spirit does. The move towards perfection is not stating we are an ideal or the “standard” of what society tells us we are to be. Instead it’s about knowing oneself and being the love that you are. At this stage we recognize there are no flaws and we have always been perfect but never saw that we were created as perfect by the hands of the creator.

For most of us life began at the perfect stage until guilt, shame, fear, misdirected anger and some other things became tools to determine who is worth more or less than others. We eventually internalized this and started believing that we really were imperfect from the beginning until the very end. There are three areas society has moved through when thinking about perfection: Perfect, Being imperfect is perfect, and no one is perfect, each coming from a good place but ultimately perfection is what we should internalize.

Society told us the story of what constitutes to normal, the story of standards and right fit. No one is perfect came from a place where we understood that most of us could not conform or meet the high standards of society and therefore there is no such thing as perfect. While this statement was meant to empower us to not hold others to impossible standards 20170415_162709and to accept them as they are, in many ways we blanketed the reality that we are in fact perfect. We covered up much of the behaviours and habits that were no longer serving us because we believed that perfect was impossible, soon becoming more of an excuse.

Eventually we began to see how the “no one is perfect” mentality stopped serving our highest good and we moved forward to where I think most of us stand today: being imperfect is perfect. No one is perfect doesn’t quite fit anymore because why can’t we be perfect as we are? Our differences in behaviours are not flaws, rather our perfections. Screw the standard, I am the standard!  We’re mostly here now because we’ve learned that perfect is achievable and that our “flaws” and differences in behaviour are part of the “imperfect package”. Although this mentality welcomes and accepts differences, it becomes a sort of blanket statement for seeing yourself as perfect without understanding the depth of it which ultimately minimizes our ability to integrate our higher selves into ourselves. The key here is remembering that your thoughts become you.

Perfect as a mindset and in embodiment is where we are moving to, despite the scariness and impossibility we’ve ascribed to it. The soul is perfect, our higher selves are perfect so once we decide to integrate our higher self with our ‘selves’ then we become perfect. Even with the difficulties along our journey and the behaviours that fall out of line with our higher selves these things exist as teachers and guidance for us to learn from. As aspects of the creator and as beings of love and light, we are the manifestation of perfection and to suggest that there is an imperfect component suggests that the creator is also imperfect. We cannot achieve perfection without knowing that we are.

The thinking that ‘no one is perfect’ started in the right place but to maintain it as a mentality will forever reduce our ability to be who we truly are and to embody the perfection that exist in us as soulful beings.

Why you don’t look for anything in the dark — July 12, 2017

Why you don’t look for anything in the dark

There’s nothing as profound as the moment you do something tedious or utterly stupid only to discover one key message of the universe. Yesterday I was leaving my house and as usual I picked up my key, walked through the pitch black garage in order to leave through the side door. I’ve done this numerous times without thinking, knowing every step and turn to take, but this time I dropped my key.  Garage’s have all sorts of critters so understand I was very hesitant to rest my hand flat on the floor to feel for the keys, so I lifted my hand slightly above the floor to air-feel for them. After about 12 seconds, I thought to myself, why don’t I just turn on the lights? But I didn’t I just continued air-feeling for the keys. Another 14 seconds passed and I was now feeling that if I stretch my hands further I would surely touch something I don’t want to feel.  Another 10 seconds in what felt like a never-ending search for my keys and as I said “I’m just going to turn on the light”, I felt it. As I stood up and opened the side door, a burst of sunlight entered the garage and I thought to myself. This is why you don’t look for anything in the dark!

As I said that I smiled heavily, feeling the pulse of the greatest revelation going through my body and understanding the simplest power we have access to: light. We have so much of it, endlessly beaming into our lives that we almost forget it’s there and that it is infinite. There’s nothing to lose when you  choose to access the unlimited light of the creator of the universe, yet I seemed to have believed the opposite when searching for my keys. Very simply, we must turn on the light to see what may be inside even if it means taking an extra step to find the light switch


What if you can’t see the light or the switch?

Before seeing, we know. Have faith in yourself  the way you would have faith in navigating your bedroom to find the light switch or to know the light is there,  and you will be able to turn it on. Souls operate from knowing first and perception second, so go into your knowing, see the light inside of you and you will see your way out of the dark space you sometimes find yourself in. Without light there can only be darkness and it extends as long as you’re willing to keep it that way. Similarly it will be impossible to find yourself as long as you choose to remain in the dark. In such case you must ask the universe to ignite the flame if you feel it has somehow gone away and from there, use your heart and your God given power to fan the flame. Let it take over you and eventually you will see exactly what you are and who you were meant to be.

And that’s why we don’t look for anything in the dark including ourselves.